How to Write a Mathematics Essay

Mathematics is not an easy course. Actually, mathematics is one of the hardest courses you will come across along with courses such as statistics and engineering. How then do you write a mathematics essay? The concept of maths has in it definite answers that do not allow any room for a wiggle room. If you are asked by the examiner to solve an equation, your answer should be definite. This implies that if you get something slightly different, the most likely probability is that you are wrong. Writing a mathematics essay is pretty much different from other types of essays such as English essays or business essays. The most common characteristic of mathematics essays is that you always have a problem.

In rare cases are you asked to write in theoretical form a mathematics essay say talk about famous mathematicians such as Archimedes or Plato? When you have a mathematics problem, your examiner is basically evaluating whether you know how to solve the problem. A common experience in most schools is that a student will probably check his/her neighbors’ solution then try to work out a formula with an intention of arriving at the same solution. However, examiners do not necessarily look at the solution, the look at how you arrived at your solution. Mathematics essays are very definite, you have to have the correct formula, have the correct working plan and finally have the correct answer that should have little or no standard deviation In another words, try to use some tips how to write my essay fast . The only deviation that should be in the solution of students say in one classroom of 40 students is when different students decide to round off their answers based on the number of decimal places used.


When faced with an imminent or relatively challenging problem say in algebra, you got to know how similar problems are solved. If there is one thing that does not change is a formula be it a scientific formula or a mathematical formula. This is why if a problem is challenging, you relate the problem to how you have solved similar problems of the same nature. Try and remember the formula which is the most important thing in any problem solution. If you can remember the formula, the rest is just inserting and substituting your figures with the appropriate or complementary figures in your problem. After having a solution to your essay, try substituting your answer with one of the figures in your problem to check how appropriate your mathematics essay is. Above all, include all your working in your essay, this illustrates to the examiner that the solution is really yours and not copied from someone else.