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Safety is one of the most important issues and it has always been. It is one of peoples fundamental rights of people. However, the more mankind develops, in the greater risk of danger it finds itself. Nowadays internet which is present in billions of houses poses a serious threat both for finance and psychology of people and it is e especially important to take care about its safety.

First of all, it is necessary to guard all the private data. Social security should never be transmitted, as well as numbers of bank accounts, credit cards, etc. People should make all the purchases only via secure sites that have proven to be not dangerous. It is possible to check whether they are proved or not by a lock icon on the status of the browser or at the beginning of the URL.

Secondly, all the passwords should be used as effectively as possible. They should never be shared or kept in plain view. When developing a password one should avoid common words, dates of birth of people from ones family, friends. For the best safety it is advice to use combinations of letters and numbers of both low and up case.

However, today usage of the internet is not limited by simple surfing, but it allows people making purchases and ordering various goods and services. In such cases it is necessary to pay much more attention to the sites used. But the most attention must be paid in the cases when students dealing with buying essays or other papers online.

When buying academic writing texts one should be especially careful not only in order to secure information that he or she has on ones personal computer and the credit card account, but also because if personal information about the client becomes revealed, he or she might have serious problems in his or her educational establishment.

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